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Business Consultation

In a crowded marketplace, even top-tier products need a great marketing campaign to break through the noise.  Through strategic audience targeting, compelling storytelling and seamless execution, KRE8 makes sure you claim the spotlight you deserve.

About Us

We provide business consulting, project/event management, and marketing strategy/execution.

We help individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations with business concept validation, marketing research support, digital and social media marketing, content production, marketing design and event support services.

Consulting Services

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Video Convention

Business Concept Validation

Supporting Your Unique Journey

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Expert Guidance

A Comprehensive Approach

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Event Management Services

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CASL Compliance

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Email Campaign

Implement CASL compliance in your communications

Track and optimize your email campaign

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Lead Generation

Provide QR code signage and online lead forms

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Expense Reporting

Submit and track marketing event's expenses


Customer Support

Receive and manage inquiries

Route response and resolution


Digital Contest

Maximize engagement

with gamification


Post-event Assessment

Generate attendee feedback

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